Racist and Antisemite?

Madison Cawthorn has made blatantly racist and antisemitic comments, and raised concerns about a “bucket list” trip to Adolph Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest retreat where he referred to Hitler reverentially as the “Fuhrer.”

Racist comments:

  • He said the American welfare system is “basically incentivizing young women, especially minority women, to not get married, and have more children, because they get more welfare checks because of that.” (New Yorker, 6-26-20).
  • He doesn’t believe in the existence of systemic racism, that it has hurt the Black community, or that there is a need for reparations because, “600,000 Americans gave their life to free slaves and you’re going to tell me that’s not enough?” (Smoky Mountain News, 7-29-20)
  • He believes a reporter who has written about his extremism is anti-white because he wanted to work for former presidential candidate Cory Booker, who is black. And Booker, “aims to ruin white males running for office.” (moetaxes.com)
  • He used the “n” word in a text to a friend (“United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida Case No. 6:16-cv-02240, David Madison Cawthorn Deposition, Oct. 12, 2017 Case 6:16-cv-02240-JA-GJK Document 63-1 Page 13 of 28 PageID 4919)

Jews “want to make more money”

  • “A lot of Jews, I’ve found, they don’t have anything to do with Israel,” he said. “They just want to send their kids to school, they want to live a happy life, they want to make more money." (Jewish Insider, 9-23-20)
  • “I can see why sometimes maybe they don’t even want to support Republicans because they don’t really want to support the Jewish state.” (Jewish Insider, 9-23-20)
  • Referred to Adolph Hitler, who oversaw the death of 6 million Jews, reverentially as the “Fuhrer.” (Jezebel, 8-10-20)
  • Said a trip to Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest was on his “bucket list.” (Jezebel, 8-10-20)

A bucket list trip: Madison Cawthorn idolizes Adolf Hitler revering him him as the Führer while visiting HItler's summer home while on vacation.

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