Washington Insider

Madison Cawthorn claims he is a Washington Outsider.  But he’s already working with DC insiders and his campaign is receiving support from dark money SuperPacs.

  • He has received assistance in his campaign from Washington lobbyist Terry Allen, whose clients at Fidelis Governmental Relations include pharmaceuticals trade association PhRMA, broadband powerhouse AT&T and nuclear energy trade association Nuclear Energy Institute, among others. (SextonsCreek)
  • Washington insider Bill Smith, the former chief of staff for Vice President Mike Pence when he was on Capitol Hill and Indiana Governor, boasted that his firm, Sheridan Strategy Group, was responsible for Cawthorn’s primary victory (The Hill, 6-24-20)

Asked what was the most difficult issue facing his campaign during the Republican primary runoff against Lynda Bennett, Cawthorn said, “Outside PAC money coming for my opponent to influence and sway the voters in NC-11. I think our vote is sacred. Sometimes the outside influence is bad.” (Ivotenorthcarolina.com, 3-19-20).

Now dark money SuperPACS are pouring over $1 million dollars into the NC-11 race to help Cawthorn. He hasn’t turned it away.

  • The Congressional Leadership Fund, which is funded by Chevron and billionaire Sheldon Adelson, is spending $855,000 to help Cawthorn. (Politico, 9-25-20)
  • Club For Growth has spent $490,000 on attack ads (OpenSecrets).

Thousands in donations have already poured into Cawthorn’s campaign from lobbyists for the companies below that represent bankers, pharmaceuticals and health insurers. (FEC.gov)

  • Ogilvy Government Relations
  • Gallagher Group
  • Fierce Government Relations